Because revokes simply suck

Signtunes is the #1 Signing Service for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV



1x Registered Device
365 day access to signer
24/7 Support
Starfiles Integration
Revoke Protection
API Access

Why Choose Us?

Install Unlimited Apps Anytime

With Signtunes, you're able to install unlimited apps anytime. We have no limit on how many apps you can install.

World's Largest App Library

Starfiles has the worlds largest IPA library, allowing you to sideload more apps without hassle.

Custom App Support

Using Signtunes, you can easily upload custom IPAs and sideload them.

Revoke Protection

Signtunes has revoke protection meaning you will experience less revokes. We are so confident in our revoke protection system that we will resign your device for free if Apple does revoke your device.

No Jailbreak Required

Using Signtunes, you don't need a jailbreak to install custom apps!

Designed with Security in Mind

Signtunes is designed with security in mind. Signtunes is built on top of Starfiles allowing users to enjoy all the security benefits Starfiles provides.

24/7 Chat Support

We provide live chat support, any time of day.

Forefront of iOS Sideloading Research

Signtunes is the leading iOS sideloading platform. Made in partnership with Starfiles, Signtunes is made with industry leading technology. Thanks to our amazing developers, Signtunes is able to provide users with features that no other store provides. A large portion of our funding and time goes into researching sideloading methods and ways to improve the product for our customers. Our research has helped improve dozens of sideloading services.

AppDB Integration

Signtunes is partnered with AppDB allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of AppDB without needing your own developer account!

GBox Partnership

Signtunes is partnered with GBox allowing you to seamlessly install apps.

Scarlet Support

Signtunes support Scarlet allowing you to use our certificate on the Scarlet app.

ESign Support

Signtunes support ESign allowing you to use our certificate on the ESign app.