Because revokes simply suck

Signtunes is the #1 Signing Service for iPhone and iPad.


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Community App Library

Largest Public App Library
We have the worlds largest public app library with thousands of apps!

Community Contributed
Signtunes' app library is 100% user contributed. Anyone can upload IPAs for others to use.

Use Your Owns Apps
Install your own apps on your device.

8K IPAs in our App Library!
192K IPAs Served!

Benefits of Signtunes

- Install Unlimited Apps Anytime
- Notification & VPN Support
- Revoke Protection
- Designed with Security in Mind
- No Jailbreak Required
- 24/7 Support

Forefront of iOS Sideloading Research

Signtunes is the leading iOS sideloading platform. Made in partnership with Starfiles, Signtunes is made with industry leading technology.

Thanks to our amazing developers, Signtunes is able to provide users with features that no other store provides.

A large part of our funding and time goes into researching sideloading methods and ways to improve the product for our customers. Our research has helped improve dozens of sideloading services.

Frequently Asked Questions
What apps can I install?

You can install any app you like with Signtunes! You can either upload an IPA or use our app library.

How many apps can I install?

We let you install unlimited apps with Signtunes!

How long will I be able to use the service?

For only $11.49, you can use Signtunes for a year!

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Install & Sign Unlimited Apps for a Year with Revoke Protection!

Purchase Slot

$11.49 / Year

  • - 1x Registered Device
  • - 365 day access to signer
  • - 24/7 Support
  • - Starfiles Integration
  • - Revoke Protection
  • - API Access